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Which mortgage is right for you

When you take a mortgage or re-mortgage, you can select from dozens of lenders and thousands of products. Each will have different benefits and disadvantages depending on your circumstances but which is right for you?

For example if you value a set monthly mortgage payment you may wish to seek a fixed rate. If you want to make the lowest possible monthly payments you may seek a tracker or discounted product.
If you are buying a property to let out you will want a buy to let mortgage and in most cases will want to take this on an interest only basis.

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Which mortgage matches your needs?

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Each borrower has their own particular set of circumstances and each lender and product their own features and benefits. Matching the two correctly is not an easy task and not something we recommend the borrower tries to do themselves.

Identifying and recommending the correct mortgage product for you is similar to a doctor writing you a prescription. All factors have to be considered including previous history.

You need the help of an experienced person to obtain the right mortgage product for your needs.
As a result we believe using an independent mortgage broker is the simplest and safest way to obtain a mortgage.

How your independent mortgage broker helps you

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Your independent mortgage broker will take steps to fully understand your situation and objectives before making a recommendation from across the whole of the market. They will then take you through the application process, dealing with the lender on your behalf.
Let us help you establish which mortgage is right for you.

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