What do I need for a mortgage?

what do I need for a mortgage

Key documentation required for mortgage application

If you are curious about what you need for a mortgage this page will help you by outlining what you need and why you need it.

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Essentials needed from each mortgage applicant


The lender needs to prove that you are who you say you are, you need to provide either:

  • Current passport
  • Photo card driving licence with paper counterpart

If you are in the UK on a temporary visa you will need to provide your passport and a copy of your visa.

Proof of current address

The lender needs to evidence your address history due to money laundering rules. Previous years can often be picked up by electoral register details.

You will need to prove your current address with one of the following items (this should be dated within two months of your application):

  • Gas Bill
  • Electricity Bill
  • Landline telephone bill
  • Water bill
  • Council tax bill
  • PAYE tax coding notice
  • Credit card bill

Jointly addressed items can be used for one applicant only.

If you have not been on the electoral register your lender may ask you to provide three items to prove address, one dated in the past two months, and one for each of the two previous calendar years.

Proof of income – employed applicants

For a mortgage offer in the current market everyone needs to prove their income. If employed you need to provide:

  • Last 3 months wage slips (or 8 weeks if paid weekly)
  • Latest P60 (last two P60s if large bonus or overtime element)

Proof of income – self-employed applicants

  • Latest 3 years SA302 (order these now)
  • Latest 3 years accounts (signed by both you and your accountant)

If you do not have three years trading figures talk to your mortgage broker

Tax credits

If you receive working tax credit or child tax credit you need to provide your most recent eight page award statement (all eight pages)


If you receive state benefits you need to provide your latest benefit award statement in full


If you receive child maintenance this needs to be by court or CSA order and you need to provide your award statement.

Conduct of bank account

Mortgage lenders need to check your bank account to ensure good conduct. They also use it to check regular outgoings.

You need to provide 3 months personal bank statements (sometimes more, dependent on your mortgage needs, your mortgage broker will advise you)

If you are providing Internet bank statements these must show your name, sort code, account number, and full URL of the website.

Where your bank has high street branches these internet statements should be stamped in branch as valid copies.

If you have buy to let properties in the background

If you have other properties that are let out you need to provide:

  • Your latest mortgage statement showing 12 months payments
  • If your property is not on a buy to let mortgage you need to provide confirmation of consent to let from your current lender
  • You need to provide a signed copy of your assured shorthold tenancy agreement for the property

Credit issues

If you have had any issues with credit payments you need to obtain a copy of your current credit report (you can obtain this for free from Experian, Equifax, or Call Credit)

If you have settled any county court judgements you will need to provide a certificate of satisfaction.

Mortgage fees

You will need to provide details of a valid debit or credit card in your name to cover any mortgage valuation or application fees

Larger deposits

If you are putting down a deposit of more than 10% of your purchase price and this is not coming from the sale of a property you will need to provide evidence of deposit.

If the deposit is your money, you should provide a bank statement showing the funds and the build up of funds.

If any part of your deposit is a gift you will need to produce a gift letter from the person providing the funds.

Evidence should show funds to cover both deposit and any stamp duty land tax that is due on the purchase.

Why you need all of this for a mortgage

Mortgage lenders have no interest in advancing loans when they have gaps in the file. The regulator will insist that the mortgage lender can prove that they have evidenced your case thoroughly.

Please provide your mortgage broker with original copies of everything required for your case. You will need to provide everything exactly as requested, no exceptions. If you do not provide what is requested you will not get your mortgage.

The swiftest and cleanest way to obtain your mortgage offer is to provide everything in one pack. Providing items ‘piecemeal’ just leads to issues and delays.

If, for any reason, you cannot produce any of the items requested by your mortgage broker let them know immediately.

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