Wake Up and Smell the Flowers

Wake Up and Smell the Flowers

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A Mortgage Now understands that J C Flowers the US Private Equity firm is looking to buy UK mortgage books.

J C Flowers & Co were set up in 2001 by former Goldman Sachs Partner, US Billionaire J. Christopher Flowers. We have heard that the firm have already looked at a number of small Lenders in the UK.

What does this mean for mortgage borrowers?

If a Private Equity firm is looking for deals such as this, their view is clearly that UK mortgage debt is a good investment. This shows increasing confidence in the future of the UK property market.

Flowers should find no shortage of potential sellers in a market where Lenders are keen to off load mortgage books to generate more cash for lending. More investment cash means more funds available to lend, leading to more competition, and a more active mortgage market.

All in all a good sign for 2012.

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