TMW online | Help for existing buy to let customers of The Mortgage Works

The Mortgage Works borrowers can switch rates online with us

You will have noticed that TMW have changed their customer facing website and no longer provide direct BTL mortgage services unless you are simply switching to a new deal.

Therefore if you require a TMW further advance, or new buy to let mortgage from The Mortgage Works you need our team to assist you.

We can obtain an excellent range of TMW BTL mortgage rates for you including:

  • 2.19% 2 year fixed, up to 65% LTV, £1,995 arrangement fee
  • 3.39% 5 year fixed, up to 65% LTV, £995 arrangement fee
  • 3.89% 5 year fixed, up to 75% LTV, £1,995 arrangement fee

TMW existing customers – further advances and new borrowing with our simple online service

We provide buy to let mortgage advice with:

  • no meetings
  • no paperwork
  • no fuss

Our online, experienced, buy to let mortgage advisers are available now to assist you with lending from The Mortgage Works, or any of the other 30 main UK buy to let mortgage lenders.

Buy to let mortgage APP

See our Buy to Let Mortgage App to establish how much you could borrow.

Available on App Store or Google Play, simply enter your property value and estimated rental income in the BTLCalc App to calculate your maximum lending from all the main UK buy to let mortgage lenders.

Upcoming changes to buy to let mortgages

This change in policy by TMW in no longer taking direct buy to let mortgage applications will be due to upcoming changes in the market with the implementation of the Mortgage Credit Directive in March 2016. The Mortgage Credit Directive is designed to standardise mortgage advice across Europe and brings some buy to let mortgages under regulation of the FCA. The Mortgage Works in common with many other buy to let mortgage lenders will have decided that is it safer for them to avoid all buy to let mortgage advice rather than face risk when dealing with the new regulated buy to let mortgages.

The regulated new buy to let mortgages will be called ‘consumer buy to lets’ and will include properties that were previously lived in by the mortgage holder.

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