Specialist Buy to Let Mortgage Situations

There are certain factors within Buy to Let Mortgage applications which can make lending difficult to acquire. We can deal with the scenarios below and many more.

Rental calculations – Do you need generous rental calculations?

We have lenders that will work on 125% at 5% even for higher rate tax payers.

This means buy to let mortgages offered at £192,000 of lending for each £1,000 of monthly rental income.

Business Lending – Do you need to raise capital for business purposes?

We have lenders that will allow you to raise funds on your buy to let property for purely business purposes such as buying a business, paying off a business debt, or providing business cashflow.

Portfolio Landlord – Are you a Portfolio Landlord?

Recent changes to legislation mean the landlords with four of more buy to let properties now find that their rental caluation has to work, not just on the subject property, but accross their whole buy to let portfolio. This does not help where buy to let properties have been let for many years on rental incomes that are now behind the market rates.

We have lenders that will not apply an overall portfolio affordability calculation, and work on 125% at 5%.

Shared Accommodation – Do you run, or are you buying, shared accommodation?

  • Multiple tenants?
  • Student Lets
  • Rent paid per room?
  • Multiple tenancy agreements?
  • Locks on bedroom doors?

We have buy to let mortgage lenders that will accept all these scenarios.

HMO’s – with or without licences

We have buy to let mortgage lenders that can lend against your home of multiple occupancy. With or without HMO licence.

Limited Companies

Buying property through a Limited Company? Our lenders will accept Limited Company applications.

Ex Local Authority

Our buy to let lenders with consider ex local authority properties including those with deck access.

Air BnB

Need funding for an AirBnB property, our buy to let lenders can help.

Multiple flats on a single freehold.

Our buy to let lenders will accept up to 10 flats on a single title. No need to split titles to make your buy to let purchase or transact your remortgage.

Older borrowers

Over 50 and finding that your current buy to let mortgage lending options just have a problem with your age? Our lenders will allow lending to age 85, no problem.

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