Self Employed Mortgages and Trading Styles

How Lenders underwrite mortgages for the Self Employed

self employed mortgage sectionUnderwriting a mortgage for a Self-Employed applicant can be a complex issue.

Mortgage Lenders have differing attitudes and approaches and whether you are a Sole Trader, in a Partnership, or a Limited Company Director makes a big difference.

To assist our clients we have a new Self-Employed Mortgage section on our website covering the main issues and information required when seeking a mortgage as a self-employed applicant.

The self-employed mortgage section covers all trading styles including:

Self Employed Mortgages for Sole Traders

Self-Employed Mortgages for Owners of Partnerships

Self-Employed Mortgages for Limited Company Directors

Newly Self-Employed

If you are newly self-employed you will not have three years trading figures. This is no longer an issue thanks to an exclusive new self-employed mortgage product we are offering to our clients.

If you are Self-Employed and require a mortgage or re-mortgage – contact us now.

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