Scottish Widows Bank

Scottish Widows Bank Mortgages

Scottish Widows PLC, a subsidiary of Lloyds Banking Group was started in 1815. Scottish Widows Bank currently provides several financial services such as savings, pensions, life insurance,
investments, etc.

According to a survey by Ipsos, Scottish Widows Bank was the most trusted name in financial services during 2010.

The idea of Scottish Widows Bank dates back to 1812 with the aim of setting up a common fund to ensure the well being of widows and female relatives of fund holders.

After considerable discussions, the scope of benefits was increased such that a general society would be formed and the benefits of the society would be extended to all parts of UK rather than
just Scottish Widow’s.

Thus, the first Scottish Widows Bank was started in 1815 as Scotland’s first mutual life office. Since then, the bank has grown consistently and has become a trusted name in financial services in the UK.

Scottish Widows Bank Underwriting

Scottish Widows Bank are the primary source in the UK for flexible mortgage underwriting for Qualified Professionals.

They are regularly our chosen provider for lending to Doctors, Barristers, Solicitors, and Dentists. The Bank have a flexible attitude to temporary visas and will lend generously to the right Professional applicant if the application is handled in the right way.

Our relationship with Scottish Widows Bank through our sister sites Professionals-Mortgage-Now, Barristers-Mortgage-Now, and Doctors-Mortgage-Now, is such that we are often able to arrange mortgage deals for Professionals where others have failed.

If you would like to consider a mortgage or re-mortgage from Scottish Widows Bank – contact us now.