SA302’s are not necessary for mortgage applications – avoid the aggravation

SA302s unnecessary

Obtaining SA302s is painful yet not necessary

Over the past two years the fondness of mortgage lenders for SA302s has grown and grown.

In fact they are now so keen, that most are asking for the Tax Year Overview, the ‘little brother’ of the SA302, to be included in a mortgage application pack.

This is proving very frustrating for self-employed mortgage applicants who find that:

  • You can spend forever on the phone to HMRC requesting SA302s
  • SA302s can take weeks to arrive in the post
  • When provided SA302s often have information such as the UTR redacted causing lenders to reject them
  • Online copies cannot be downloaded unless you are registered using the HMRC system
  • Accountants are often not very helpful in this area

If only we could obtain mortgages without SA 302s!

The good news is that you can.

Not all mortgage lenders ask for SA302s to support a mortgage application. In fact there are mainstream lending options available where your case can be underwritten with an accountant’s reference which is easier to obtain and preferable to the lender.

Perhaps you were not aware of this?

If you are applying for your mortgage direct to lender who has asked for SA302s you won’t know any different.
Perhaps your mortgage broker has not mentioned this option – a large number will not do sufficient business with self-employed applicants to know that an SA302 free option exists.

To obtain your self employed mortgage without the need for SA302s call our team now on 020 8979 9684

Of course, like all things in the mortgage market, this situation is subject to change. So self-employed mortgage applicants should take action quickly to avoid issues further down the line.

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