SA302 data online from or Accountant’s software

Options for obtaining your SA302 and Tax Overview figures

As a self employed mortgage applicant you will have been asked to produce your SA302 tax certificates and Tax Overview for recent years trading.

There are currently 3 options available to obtain your SA302 figures:

  • Request from HMRC them to be sent out by post or fax with a covering letter (acceptable to all mortgage Lenders)
  • Download the figures from the website (acceptable to most mainstream lenders)
  • Ask your Accountant to produce the figures from their 3rd party accountancy software

Further down this page we outline how to obtain your SA302s and Tax Overview figures via the three different methods.

SA302 figures supplied by HMRC

The best option currently as it will be accepted by all mortgage lenders

For details on how to obtain your SA302 from HMRC by telephone click here

Example SA302 figures supplied by HMRC
SA302 example 2014

SA302 figures downloaded from

We understand figures in this format will currently be accepted by Accord, Coventry BS, Halifax, Kensington Mortgages, Metro Bank, Nat West, Nationwide, Santander, Virgin Money, and Woolwich Barclays.

Points to note:

Electronic copies must indicate 100% submitted
Some Lenders require business bank statements to accompany SA302s including Kensington Mortgages, Skipton BS, Leeds BS and Metro.
Woolwich Barclays will ask for a copy of your Accounts to accompany your SA302s.
Some Lenders will accept signed Accounts in lieu of SA302’s including Skipton BS, and Virgin Money.

To obtain your SA302 and Tax Overview figures from the Government website you would normally ask your Accountant to use their Agents Link on the HMRC Gateway. You should have already signed a 64-8 authorising HMRC to communicate with your Accountant or other Agent on your behalf.

Important note:The download facility should now you to download up to four years figures and you should always download both SA302s and Tax Year Overviews.

For details on downloading your SA302s from HMRC Gateway click here

Example SA302 figures downloaded from website

SA302 HMRC income tax summary example_V3

Downloading SA302s from

  • Log on
  • Select ‘self assessment
  • View tax return
  • Pick the year you need and click ‘Go’
  • View your return
  • View your calculation
  • Click View and Print
  • Print full calculation

How to obtain SA302 figures from Accountant’s 3rd party software

SA302 figures in this format are currently only accepted by Accord, Nat West, Precise Mortgages, and Santander.

We would recommend that SA302 figures produced in this way be provided to your Mortgage Broker with a covering letter from your Accountant.
SA302 Accountant Generated Example_V3

Obtaining Tax Overview Figures

Lenders will now generally ask for Tax Overview figures to accompany SA302s.

If you (or your Accountant) submit your tax returns online you can download your tax overview figures. Otherwise you can request them when you are requesting your SA302’s.
Example set of Tax Overview figures
HMRC Tax Overview Example page 2
HMRC Tax Overview Example page 1

How to download tax year overviews from

  • Log on
  • Click – ‘self assessment
  • Click – ‘Self Assessment Overview’
  • Click – ‘View your account’
  • Click – ‘Tax years’
  • Select your required year and click ‘Go’
  • Print your tax overview

Whatever method you use to obtain your SA302s to prove your self employed income ensure that it is acceptable to your lender.

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