Protecting your family


What to consider

In the event of your death you are no longer supporting your family, unless you make provision to do so now. Loss of the main, or supporting income to the family home will make a dramatic difference to the lifestyle of the family. This will have to be managed in addition to coping with the emotional impact of loss of a parent.

Is very easy for you to take the financial worries away from your family by providing cash through effective insurance planning so you continue to support your family come what may.

Family income benefit

It is possible to put a plan in place pays regular monthly income to your family in the event of your death until the old enough to support themselves. Benefits on this type of policies, can be indexed to maintain pace with inflation.

Example – protecting your family

Tom is 35 years old, earning £40,000 per annum, with two children aged six and two.

Tom wants to be sure that in the event of his death his income continues in order to support his children until their maturity.

Premiums for this cover over 16 years will be in the order of just £21 per month

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Our example is based on non-smoker rates. Smokers* should expect to pay more for the cover is their risk of death or illness is considerably higher increasing the risk for the insurer. Under gender equality laws brought in by the EU, male and female rates for life and sickness insurance are the same. *Insurers are very careful when considering applications from ‘ex-smokers’ and will require a ‘cotinine’ test which can establish if there is any nicotine in the system of the applicant indicating recent smoking.

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