Platform switch rates from 1.14% – existing customers only

Platform Home Loans Mortgage rates from 1.14% fixed

  • Existing Platform borrower?
  • Looking to switch to a competitive new mortgage rate?
  • Make one simple phone call to 020 8979 9684
  • No need to book an appointment with a Mortgage Adviser
  • No need to provide income (or rental on buy to let cases)*

*Assuming no increase in mortgage payment

Fixed rates for existing Platform borrowers

  • 2 year fixed rate 1.14% until 30th September 2019
  • 3 year fixed rate 1.49% until 30th September 2020
  • 5 year fixed rate 1.69% until 30th September 2022

Fixed rates for existing Buy to Let Platform borrowers

  • 2 year fixed rate 1.34% until 30th September 2019
  • 3 year fixed rate 2.04% until 30th September 2020
  • 5 year fixed rate 2.19% until 30th September 2022

Tracker rates for existing Buy to Let Platform borrowers

  • 2 year tracker rate 1.49% until 2 years after completion

Process for Platform Home Loans Rate Switch

Call our team and we will help you assess your options.

One you have decided on the product switch you want, we will apply for that new Platform mortgage rate on your behalf.

On receipt of your product switch request Platform will issue you a mortgage product switch offer based on your requested rate. This is posted to you with a Declaration for you to sign and return Platform to confirm the rate is the one your have requested.

Our service

We help you secure a competitive mortgage rate, going forward.

We do not charge you a fee to assist you with your Platform Product Switch as Platform Home Loans pay us a small fee for taking the work off of their toe.

It therefore costs you nothing to benefit from our one to one service.

Property valuation and Platform Home Loans

Platform will calculate your own to value based on the original valuation for your property when you commenced your Platform mortgage.

If your property has risen in value, and that increase gives you access to a more attractive range of Platform products, you can request a revaluation of your property. Platform will perform that revaluation free of charge.

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