New Mortgage for the Self Employed supports UK enterprise

New Mortgage for the Self Employed supports UK enterprise

Contact A Mortgage NowCongratulations to Andy Golding and his team at Kent Reliance Building Society for showing some real imagination in the launch today of the innovative new Mortgage for the Self Employed.

The Mortgage for the Self Employed – which we can access exclusively through specialist distributor Brightstar Financial, is designed to help enterpreneurs in the early years of trading by showing some real flexibility in underwriting. Rather than relying on the computer driven, rules based approach used by other Lenders, the Mortgage for the Self Employed will be underwritten manually on a case by case basis.

This approach will allow us as Mortgage Brokers to help Mortgage and Re-Mortgage Applicants with just one years trading accounts and a minimum 20% deposit.

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Please note: This is not a self-certified product, nor is it anything like it.

The Lender will want to see 6 months personal and business bank statements to evidence good income through the business and financial stablility.

We do not expect current profit levels within the business to be a critical factor, but you can expect to evidence a business that is making rapid progress and projecting good profit going forward.

A valuable extra feature is the flexibility of having no early redemption penalty on the product allowing the borrower to investigate and utilise other funding options as the business track record improves.

If you are newly self-employed and require a mortgage or re-mortgage – contact us now.

Please remember that this is an exclusive product which an applicant can only access through approved independent mortgage brokers such as A Mortgage Now.

For more information on mortgages for the Self-Employed please see our video below

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