Nationwide existing customers rate switch from 1.09%

Nationwide mortgage rates from 1.09%

Current Nationwide Mortgage Rate Switches for Existing Customers

You can switch your Nationwide Mortgage deal to rates from:

2 yr fixed

  • 1.09% 2 year fixed – £999 product fee
  • 1.49% 2 year fixed – no product fee

3 yr fixed

  • 1.24% 3 year fixed – £999 product fee
  • 1.54% 3 year fixed – no product fee

5 yr fixed

  • 1.24% 5 year fixed – £999 product fee
  • 1.54% 5 year fixed – no product fee

10 yr fixed

  • 1.99% 10 year fixed – £999 product fee
  • 2.39% 10 year fixed – no product fee

Nationwide Building Society allow you to select a new mortgage rate five months before the end of your current rate. You can also switch your mortgage rate early (within three months of the end of your current rate) if advantageous to do so.

7 Great things about Nationwide Switcher Rates

  1. You can switch your Nationwide mortgage with us – now
    You can switch to a new Nationwide mortgage product up to 120 days before your current mortgage rate ends.
  2. You can switch quickly
    We can get your switcher rate offer secured within hours in most cases. You can be on your new rate 90 days before your current rates ends so you start saving now.
  3. We check your eligibility
    We check your Nationwide mortgage balance and current property value and let you know all the rates available to you.
  4. There’s no credit check
    A Nationwide switcher rate is available whatever your recent credit history.
  5. New circumstances are not a problem
    We can arrange a Nationwide switcher rate even if your income has dropped or changed.
  6. There’s no need for a house valuation
    Nationwide will tell us the value of your property.
  7. There’s no need for a solicitor
    You won’t need a solicitor when arranging a Nationwide switcher rate with us.

More Nationwide existing customers mortgage rates

Tracker Rates

  • 1.29% 2 year tracker – £999 product fee
  • 1.69% 2 year tracker – no product fee

When you call to request a Nationwide Existing Customers Rate Switch

please have to hand

  • Your 11 digit mortgage account number
  • Your Bank Account Number (account from which you pay your mortgage

Dates for Nationwide Product Switching

Earliest date to complete switch

The earliest date we can complete a Nationwide product switch for you is the first day of the month, two months before your current rate ends.

For example, if your Nationwide mortgage product ends on 31st July, we can select a new rate on 1st May.

Latest date to complete switch

To complete a switch to start next month we need to have your instruction by close of business on the 22nd of the current month.

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