Newly Self-Employed

Exclusive Newly Self-Employed Mortgage product

If you are newly Self-Employed,  running a good business in it’s early stages but cannot produce three years accounts,  or have accounts where profit is still building, we now have exclusive access to a specially designed Self-Employed Mortgage product.

Our exclusive Self-Employed Mortgage Product features:

  • Lending up to 80% of purchase price or valuation
  • Interest only available
  • Purchase or re-mortgage
  • Capital raising possible
  • Lending up to £2.5 million

More details

The product is designed as a stepping stone to allow the newly Self-Employed to access mortgage lending whilst they build their new business into solid profitability.  Once the borrower has the trading accounts to access a wide range of standard mortgage products they are free to re-mortgage as our exclusive product has no early redemption penalty.

View our video – mortgages for the self employed

Getting accepted for a Self-Employed Mortgage

In order to be accepted for our exclusive Self-Employed Mortgage product applicants will need:

A minimum of one year’s accounts and one year’s projection
Six months bank statements showing good conduct and cash-flow

The current profitability of the business is not critical – but the Lender has to be confident that the long term future of the business is both healthy and profitable.

Unsuitable scenarios for the Self-Employed Mortgage

We WILL NOT be able to assist on the following:

Applications under £160,000 lending (therefore minimum deposit is £40,000)
Applications where regular cash-flow cannot be shown through the business
Applications from Employed persons (unless as a joint applicant)
Applications from applicants without 100% clean credit records