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Seeking current mortgage rates? If you wish to identify available mortgage interest rates for your circumstances use our mortgage rate search tool below. The mortgage rate search tool is simple to use and there is no obligation, or collection of your personal data.

Simply select whether you are looking remortgage rates, mortgage rates for home movers, or mortgage rates first-time buyers, input your property value and required loan and hit the ‘next’ button.

You can filter your results from the Mortgage Rates Today tool to include all mortgages, or selected best buy rates, you can also select fixed or tracker rates over 2, 3, and 5 years.

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Find Today’s Mortgage Rates

‘Mortgage Rates Today’ tool and eligibility

Our tool above shows today’s mortgage rates but you should speak to our team to assess if any particular rate is suitable for your own needs. Mortgage interest rates are launched and pulled from the market without notice. Therefore if you find a mortgage interest rate you like, it is important you take action as quickly as possible.

How the ‘Mortgage Rates Today’ tool works

Depending on your circumstances mortgage tool will pick up suitable options from today’s market. In order to only show you suitable rates the tour will check the purpose of your lending, and that you require and the mortgage term. It will also check your age and income.

Using the ‘Mortgage Rates Today’ tool for buy to let mortgage lending

Mortgage rates today tool will source rates for residential purposes or buy to let rates for investors. If you are seeking a buy to let rate please click ‘yes’ at the ‘is the property buy to let?’ question. This then gives you the option to enter the expected monthly rental of the property.