Bridging Loans

High speed bridging loansBridging Loans are short term lending products designed to:

  • Provide cash quickly
  • Bridge ‘the gap’ until permanent funds can be put in place
  • Be available regardless of issues like affordability, property condition, and credit score

To get a Bridging Loan you need:

  • Suitable security across one or more properties
  • A method of repaying the loan later

Bridging loans are ideal where:

  • You are buying at auction and need to bridge until you get permanent lending
  • You need to make a purchase but sale funds are delayed
  • A property needs refurbishment
  • A loan needed for a property is being developed
  • Expected cash funds are not yet available
  • Loan funds are needed swiftly

Our team can identify a suitable lending and get you a lending decision within 36 hours

Bridging loans – FAQ’s

Can I use my property as security for bridging even if it has a mortgage on it?

Yes, bridge lending is available with other mortgages in place

Are bridging rates expensive?

No, costs have reduced considerably and rates are now available from 0.59% per month.

How much can I borrow on a bridging loan?

Bridging lending is possible to 80% loan to value and lending to 100% of your purchase price is possible with extra security.

Can I use any property as security for bridging?

Yes, bridging loans are available on most types of property and land.

Is bridging suitable for my property development?

Yes, bridging is available for both minor and major refurbishment and conversions.

I have a poor credit history?

No problem, adverse credit can be managed in the bridging loans market.

Is my age a problem?

No problem, there are no age limits.

I am not a UK National?

That’s fine, Foreign nationals not a problem.

I no longer live in the UK?

No problem, Expats are suitable borrowers for bridging loans.