Mortgage for Airbnb

Mortgages for Airbnb properties and other short term letting arrangements are now available

We have exclusive access to a ‘temporary letter’ Airbnb mortgage for our clients.

This new product means that an assured shorthold tenancy is not required to obtain lending on your property. Excellent news for those owners or buyers who will let short term.

AirBnB Mortgage Key Details

  • Rates from 6.69%
  • Lending up to 75% loan to value
  • Affordability based on rental but can be boosted by personal income
  • Minimum property value £75,000
  • UK Only

It is notoriously difficult to obtain lending on short term leases and the majority of standard buy to let mortgages will not work with short term letting in any form.

This product opens the door for buyers who wish to use and let a holiday property or second home to obtain lending with a reasonable deposit size.

It is ten years since the founders of AirBnb set up their business in the hope of having somewhere to live and getting some rent at the same time. The mortgage market has been very slow to keep up with this multi billion dollar industry but finally we have a practical mortgage solution for Airbnb with the Temporary Letter Airbnb Mortgage.

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