How to print your Noddle credit report

Noddle is a doddle?

We must admit to a fondness for the Noddle website. It is so easy to print your credit report from Noddle- and it’s free.

Set up your account

When you arrive at the Noddle Credit Report Home Page you firstly need to set up an account and once you have your log ins you can log into your account and the start page looks the example below.

noddle entry screen
You need your credit report and you can access that on the My Credit Report option on the navigation bar at the top. Clicking that button takes you to the ‘My Credit Report’ page showing your name and date of birth on the right. You are looking for a print of your report so click the green ‘print report’ button on the top right. noddle print screen

Print your credit report

If you want to upload a copy of your credit report to us, the ideal format is pdf. Therefore if you have a pdf option among your printers list use that one. Alternatively you can use Window XPS format if that is available. If you have neither of these options you can print a paper copy and then post it to us, or scan the printed copy to an electronic format for secure upload on line.
noddle print options
Your printed report looks like this.
noddle printed credit report

What to do with your generated credit report

If you only have a paper copy, post it to us at A Mortgage Now The Studio 23 Thames Street Hampton TW12 2EW

If you have an electronic copy, upload it to us via our secure document upload system

That’s it.

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