How to download your Experian credit report

Download your credit report online

When we ask clients to provide their credit report to us we would usually suggest as a suitable provider.

We do require the complete credit report, details of the summary or the Experian credit score figure are of no value to us.

We provide a secure upload link to enable clients to transfer their credit file to us safely and securely. Yet sometimes clients are unsure as to how to download their credit report in the correct format in order to it transfer to us.

details follow…

How to download your full Experian credit file

We carried out this demo on a pc using an Internet Explorer 10 browser. You can also download the file using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers*.

Firstly you need to log into your Experian account (we find Google Chrome a better option as a browser for this task as we have experienced problems printing the report from Internet Explorer). If you don’t have an Experian account, you need to register initially and obtain log in details.

Once you log in you will arrive at your summary screen which looks like this:

credit expert summary screen


Remember, we need the full credit report.

A little way down the summary screen on the right hand side is an orange button where you can request to view your full credit report.

The full report will usually open in your browser and will look like this:
be patient here as in can take 40 or 60 seconds to download the full report

credit expert full report


Your browser now contains the full credit report which you can scroll through, but we need an electronic copy of this to upload. The ideal format is PDF (portable document format) which can easily be accessed using your browser.

Look at the top right of the page for the ‘Print full report’ link. (Avoid the ’email report link’, you do not want to be trying to email your credit report)

This will open a printable copy of your report in your browser.

printable report


As you move your cursor down the browser window you will see a toolbar appear which looks like this:

toolbar image


The tools are the bar are standard icons and you need to click the floppy disc icon (save icon)

This will open a save window box which looks like this:

Save window image


Clear any text in the File name box and type a new file name ( ideal would be (surname forename credit report), make sure file type is Adobe PDF files, and navigate to the folder where you wish to save your file.

Click the ‘Save’ button

Your full credit report is now saved in PDF format on your pc.

You are now ready to upload your credit file to us.

*on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers the initial process is the same but the actions for the final file save differ slightly. Both the Firefox and the Chrome browser have their save links on the right of the top toolbar in the browser.

Uploading your credit file to A Mortgage Now

Go to

secure transfer image


Read terms and click the ‘I agree’ button to agree the site terms before use. You can then see the upload fields.

we transfer page


Use the + Add files section to navigate to your newly saved credit file and select it.

Our notification receipt address of [email protected] is already completed in the ‘Add more friends section’.

Enter ‘Your email’ (the one you used when you enquired to us initially). You will then receive an acknowledgement email once our team have securely downloaded your file.

You may wish to add information for us in the ‘Message’ section before clicking the ‘Transfer’ button.

If you have saved your credit file on a shared computer, we suggest you permanently delete the file after use.

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