How to buy a new build flat with a 5% deposit

95% LTV new build flat

Buy new build with 95% mortgage

Have you seen a newly built apartment that you find attractive and would like to purchase? Is the size of deposit you have available an issue?

Most lenders will lend up to just 75% or 85% loan to value on a newly built flat. On a £200,000 purchase you are looking at a minimum £30,000 deposit which can often be simply unachievable.

A good mortgage broker may introduce you to one of the three lenders that will do 85% loan to value on new build flats – but you may not be aware that there is an option to buy newly built flats with a deposit of just 5%.

You can buy a new build flat now with a 95% mortgage putting down just 5% cash deposit.

(This is a straightforward purchase and not a retained equity type scheme where your ownership of the property is restricted.)

If you wish to buy a newly built flat (or house) but have just 5% deposit, call us now on 020 8979 9684.

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