House Purchase Grant Mortgages

House Purchase Grant

Looking for House Purchase Grant or Homebuyers Grant? Need a mortgage certificate/decision in principle?

If you are a Local Authority tenant seeking a cash grant to move home and buy your own property, your Local Authority will ask you to provide evidence of a mortgage decision in principle before you can be awarded your Grant.

We can arrange your House Purchase Grant Mortgage decision in principle within one working day.

Home Buyers Grant and Mortgages

The Wandsworth Borough Council website states that ‘most Lenders view the grant as a deposit’ – this is not the case.

Most mortgage lenders will not consider your Home Buyers Grant as deposit and will not issue a mortgage offer to work alongside your Grant. You therefore need the help of an experienced mortgage broker to help you find a mortgage lender that will consider your Home Purchase Grant as deposit.

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Home Buyers Grant Mortgages/ House Purchase Grants Mortgages – points to watch

Wandsworth Council say on their website that there is no age restriction when using a House Purchase Grant – there is however age restriction on your mortgage application.

They also say you can use your Grant to buy anywhere in the World – this does not mean you can obtain a mortgage outside of the UK.

Ealing Council say your maximum purchase price is £400,000. Their maximum Home Buyer’s Grant is £30,000 – this is unlikely to be sufficient mortgage deposit on it’s own on a property of that value.

Harlow Council note that potential Grant recipients must fund their own purchase costs. Buyers should not forget that your deposit is not the limit of your expenditure on your first home purchase. You need to account for legal fees, brokers fees, valuation fees, and stamp duty land tax.

Buyers cannot use their House Purchase Grant in conjunction with a Help to Buy equity loan purchase.

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