Halifax Standard Variable Rate

Halifax Standard Variable Rate – are you on it?

Halifax MortgagesDo you have a mortgage with Halifax? If so are you on their standard variable rate?

Are you aware this SVR is due to increase by 0.49% (to 3.99%) for borrowers who come off of product rates taken from January last year?

Halifax standard variable rate today sits at 3.50% for most borrowers – this sounds fairly competitive.

Yet if you have 40% equity in your home you are probably paying too much for your mortgage.

If you have 40% equity in your home you are paying up to £50 more per month than you need to.

The extra costs of staying on a standard variable rate are clear when you know you could be paying just 2.99% interest on your mortgage  – and benefit from fixing your rate at the same time.

We can arrange a re-mortgage for you to obtain a lower mortgage rate  – without hassle, without meetings, and without paperwork.

All you need do to make these valuable savings is to contact us now – contact us now.

Figures above are estimates and intended as a guide only. Each individual borrower will have their own circumstances and savings cannot be guaranteed. The figures above should not be considered an offer of terms.

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