Get your credit report

How to obtain your credit report

As part of the process of obtaining a mortgage or re-mortgage it is a good idea to obtain a copy of your credit report. This is particularly the case if you have a history of late payments on credit or other credit issues. In fact, if we are handling a mortgage application for you and believe you do have issues on your credit report we will you ask to obtain a copy of your report as part of the process.

It is a good idea to obtain your credit report because:

  • Your chances of obtaining a mortgage will be much greater
  • Any problems on your credit file can be identified
  • You can avoid uneccessary searches on your credit file when applying for a mortgage
  • You can identify if there are any errors on your credit record
  • You can see who is listed as being ‘linked’ to you financially
  • You can spot cloning, or abuse of your identity
  • It’s free on a 30 day trial basis

Getting your credit report to us

If we have asked you to obtain a copy of your credit report as part of a mortgage application process you can upload it to us safely and securely here.

Reading your credit report

Your credit report is a fairly technical document primarily designed to be used and read by finance industry professionals. Although providers like CreditExpert try to make your credit report user friendly you may still have problems understanding what each section means.
If you do have difficulty in understanding your credit report you should refer to our how to check your credit report page.

Of course, if you have engaged us as your mortgage brokers we will be able to interpret your credit report for you.

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