Buy to let remortgage problems solved

  • Struggling to remortgage your buy to let property under current rules?
  • Interest and payments too high?
  • Rent too low

We now have a solution to put you on rates from 1.24% with free valuation and free legals

Save up to £5,000 per annum!

We have a Lender that will allow you to remortgage even if your rental income does not meet usual affordability guidelines.


  • Property Value £315,000
  • Mortgage size £190,000
  • Rental income £1,000 pcm
  • Mortgage payment £631 per month (3.99%)

When the landlord took the original mortgage, the maximum lending calculated at £192,000

Today’s maximum affordability calculation comes in at £155,844 making remortgage impossible without putting in £36,000 capital.

The Solution

Our Lenders will advance the full £192,000 at super competitive rates, regardless of rental income.

Remortgage drops the payments to £197 per month, saving £5,220 per year.

The exclusive Buy to Let remortgage scheme is only available where

  • Like for like remortgage (no capital raising)
  • Property must have been purchased before 1st January 2017
  • No capital can have been raised since 1st January 2017
  • Good credit applicants only
  • No lending above 75% loan to value

What has caused the Buy to Let Problem

Changes to buy to let regulation over the past few years has seen many landlords finding themselves with no remortgage options at the end of their buy to let mortgage product terms.

In the past, £1,000 of monthly rental would have supported £192,000 of lending.

In today’s market, £1,000 of monthly rental supports £155,844 of lending.

With our Buy to Let remortgage exclusive deals a Client with monthly rental income of £1,000 and a mortgage as high as £213,000 can make a massive saving.

Portfolio Landlord?

This scheme also applies to Portfolio Landlords (4 or more properties) as no portfolio affordability calculation is required.

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