Buy to Let – Low Fees, NO ERP’s, free val too

Why are Buy to Let mortgage deals often so punative?

Contact A Mortgage NowWith heavy Lender’s application fees and the constant risk of the early redemption penalty, Landlords often find buy to let mortgage products to be unpalatable.

After all who wants to pay a £7,000 fee to arrange a £200,000 mortgage. To add insult to injury the Lender will then look to charge 3% of your outstanding balance as an early redemption penalty if you redeem during the initial product term.

A Landlord wanting to sell in the first year could be £13,000 down in fees on a single transaction.

Yes, we all known the sensible money is earned in the buy to let market over the long haul, but flexibility can be key. What happens if a key property comes up and you need to sell elsewhere to secure it? What happens if you get a good offer on one of your properties and find yourself with some cash to pay off some lending on another?

For too long the Lenders in the buy to let market have been offering products that are weighed heavily in their favour.

We were therefore pleased this week to see a mainstream lender launch a new range of buy to let products which include fully flexible options, and investor friendly features including:

  • buy to let mortgages with no early redemption penalty
  • buy to let mortgages with fixed arrangement fees from £999
  • buy to let mortgages with free valuations

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