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Buy to let re-mortgage high affordability calculation

One of our Lenders has just issued a 5 year fixed buy to let re-mortgage product priced at just 3.99%.

What is key about this product is that it’s unique affordability calculation means that a landlord receiving £1,000 a month rent could borrow up to £240,600 rather than the £192,000 that would be available with the majority of buy to let mortgage lenders.

This means that 25% extra lending is available.

Be quick to get your 25% extra lending

This buy to let mortgage product is what we call a ‘spike’ product meaning it is designed to generate a spike in business for the Lender so that they can meet targets for the end of the trading year. As a result the product will be pulled from the market as soon as it fulfils it’s function.

If you need to secure, on a highly competitive rate, 25% more buy to let lending than available elsewhere call us now on 020 8979 9684

Key benefits of this exclusive buy to let product

  • 25% more buy to let lending than elsewhere
  • Super competitive 5 year fixed rate
  • Free legals
  • Low reversion rate of just 3.98%
  • No credit scoring
  • Capital raising available for any legal purpose
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