Buy to Let 2.99% No Fee Exclusive Re-mortgage Option

buy to let exclusiveDo you have an existing buy to let property with a modest sized mortgage secured on it?

Are you looking to re-mortgage on a competitive fixed rate?

Are product fees a problem?

How about a 2.99% two year fixed rate with zero product fees?

Just £250pm on a £100,000 mortgage – no product fee – free valuation

This product suits:

  • Properties with lending under £107,000
  • Re-mortgages, not purchases
  • Properties on standard AST’s
  • Borrowers with clean credit
  • Borrowers with up to 9 buy to let properties

Be quick on this Buy to Let Re-mortgage Exclusive as funds will go fast

Can I get a lower buy to let two year fixed rate?

Yes, you can get a 2.29% rate – if you are happy to pay a £1,500 product fee

Have you already seen a 2.99% fixed rate with no product fee?

So have we, but that product reverts to 5.79% against just 4.74% on our exclusive.

Low rental income?

Our exclusive product can release up to £30,000 of lending for each £30 of monthly rental income.

My borrowing requirement is well over £100,000

Then talk to us about other exclusive buy to let deals.

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