BBC Watchdog – credit report errors

BBC Watchdog credit report errors

Contact A Mortgage NowYesterday’s credit report segment on the BBC’s Watchdog programme was interesting and informative and made some good points.

The team at Watchdog explained how credit reports on everyone are held by Exprian, Equifax, and CallCredit and how these reports are not always 100% accurate.

One concern we did have is that the programme seemed to be indicating that errors on credit reports are wide spread. Certainly, problems on credit reports can be a major issue for those seeking a mortgage (see our new how to check your credit report page), but our experience is that errors are a far less common occurance than clients simply not understanding their credit report and how to manage it.

If you are seeking a mortgage it is always a good idea to obtain your credit report first and run through it to check there are no nasty surprises. In the current market there is very little appetite from mortgage providers for adverse credit lending so a clean credit report is more important than ever.

If you are seeking a mortgage and want to find out more about how issues on your credit report may affect you call us on 020 8979 9684.

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