Bad credit mortgages for first time buyers

FTB? Bad Credit? Need a Mortgage?

If you have a bad credit history and are a first time buyer seeking a mortgage you need to get specialist help.

First time buyers with a bad credit history should note that high street lenders will not consider your case. Approaching a high street lender and allowing them to run a credit check on your record may even make your situation worse.

Use an independent mortgage broker

In certain cases there may be options available to you via specialist mortgage brokers.

If you do have bad credit and are seeking a mortgage make sure:

  • You use an independent mortgage broker that is a specialist with bad credit cases for first time buyers.
  • You make your mortgage broker fully aware of all of your credit history and the problems with it. Be prepared to pay a fee to cover your mortgage brokers’ time.

First time buyer with bad credit history mortgage qualification list

If you can answer yes to all of the following questions we should be able to assist you in obtaining a mortgage as a first time buyer with a bad credit history.

Our team will outline our full terms and fees before your incur any cost.

  • You are prepared to pay £99 initially to have your mortgage options professionally assessed?
  • Your have been employed for at least 12 months or self-employed at least 24 months?
  • Your income is provable through wage slips, accounts, or tax returns?
  • You have a cash deposit of at least 10%?
  • Any defaults on your credit record are at least 24 months old?
  • You have not had any county court judgements registered against you in the past 24 months?
  • All defaults or county court judgements against you have been settled in full?
  • You have kept within your bank overdraft, and had no payments returned in the past three months?
  • You have not used payday loans in the past 24 months?
  • You have never been in a debt management plan?
  • You have never been in an IVA nor been bankrupt?
  • You are not seeking a right to buy or shared ownership mortgage?

If you meet all of the above criteria call us now on 020 8979 9684.

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