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How our online mortgage advice service works

Our business is an online independent mortgage brokers. This means that you can provide us with the information we need to assist you safely and securely, online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at a time to suit yourself.

This gives us the opportunity to consider your circumstances before coming back to you for a short telephone conversation to discuss your options and preferences and agree action.

Our clients will typically spend up to 30 minutes on the telephone with their designated independent mortgage broker during the whole of the process.

Our online independent mortgage service means:

  • no meetings
  • no paperwork
  • no fuss
The 7 minute mortgage
It takes just 7 minutes to complete our secure online mortgage request form

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What does an independent mortgage broker do?

An independent mortgage broker assists you in obtaining the right mortgage for your circumstances. Whether you are seeking a purchase, a re-mortgage, or buy to let mortgage.

Your independent mortgage broker will assess your circumstances and identify which mortgage lenders will consider your case, and which lenders have the most competitive rates available to you.

Your independent mortgage broker is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and authorised by mortgage lenders across the whole of the UK market to act on your behalf and submit your application to the mortgage lender.

Your mortgage broker will request the relevant supporting documentation from you and submit it in the correct format to the lender. During the application process your broker will liaise with the lender to ensure smooth progress and keep you updated.

What is an independent mortgage broker?

There are thousands of mortgage brokers serving borrowers in the UK but some give you the additional advantage of being independent mortgage brokers.

An independent mortgage broker offers you advice on, and access to, mortgages from the whole of the market for purchases, re-mortgages, and secured loans.

Many mortgage brokers work from a limited lending panel, or do not offer advice on secured loans and this means they are not independent.

Clearly, as a borrower you want to obtain the best mortgage deal available to you and that is most likely to happen if you deal with an independent mortgage broker.

If your mortgage broker’s paperwork does not state they are independent you can assume they are not.

How independent mortgage brokers work

All independent mortgage brokers will provide you with advice on your mortgage and manage your mortgage application. How they do this dictates the service they provide and whether it suits your preferences and needs.

Face-to-face independent mortgage brokers

Usually local these brokers will visit you at your home, or ask you to attend a local office.

They will typically assist you across two or three meetings of 90 minutes duration. The first meeting will focus on gathering information on your circumstances and collecting supporting paperwork. The second meeting is focused on presenting you with the solution and signing application forms. The third meeting will be to discuss your insurance options and make the necessary arrangements in that regard.

Some face-to-face independent mortgage brokers work for large national companies where appointments are managed centrally and local brokers are sent out to assist you.

National independent mortgage brokers

There are a few mortgage brokers that deal with you over the telephone and therefore can handle enquiries from across the UK. These brokers typically work through a series of long telephone calls during which your circumstances are discussed and recommendations made. Working in this way is suitable for borrowers who do not want the hassle of travelling to meetings but are still prepared to put considerable to uptime aside for lengthy telephone conversations.

If you want your independent mortgage advice without the hassle, call us now on 020 8979 9684

Independent mortgage broker’s costs

Mortgage lenders pay independent mortgage brokers a consideration for finding a suitable client and putting together their application in a format that makes it simple and inexpensive for the lender to make a lending decision. This consideration is known as a procuration fee within the industry but it is sometimes referred to as commission.

This payment does not cover the cost of providing you with mortgage advice and therefore your independent mortgage broker will charge you for their time and advice. Before you incur any cost with your independent mortgage broker they will set out the terms of their advice, what needs to be paid, and when.

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