88 days until the Mortgage Market Review

mortgage market review

88 days to go to MMR

We are now 88 days from the changes to the Financial Services and Markets Act (2000) coming into force as the result of the Mortgage Market Review – 12 weeks from the biggest legislative changes in the mortgage market since 2004.

But what does this mean for the borrower?

Will mortgages be more difficult to obtain?

Will mortgages be more expensive?

As an aid to our clients and prospective clients, during the course of the next week we will outline some of the major changes resulting from the new legislation and how it may affect the borrower.

Items covered will include:

  • income and affordability
  • mortgage product fees
  • direct mortgage deals
  • interest only mortgages
  • independent mortgage advice

Watch our website over the coming week as we cover some key issues for borrowers arising from the new legislation following the Mortgage Market Review.

coming tomorrow…income and affordability

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