10 year fixed rate mortgage at just 2.39%

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  • Are you worried about the impact of the Brexit vote on the UK economy?
  • Concerned about the potential for rising mortgage costs?
  • Prefer the stability of knowing exactly how much each mortgage payment will be every month?
  • In your ‘forever home’ and working on paying the mortgage off in full

Then you may be attracted to a 10 year fixed-rate mortgage.

You should be aware that one of our lenders is now offering a 10 year fixed rate at just 2.39% (£999 product fee).

10 years 2.39% fixed rate mortgage – the lowest rate ever

This 10 year 2.39% rate is quite simply the lowest have ever seen. As a result we expect the funds to be taken quickly so don’t delay should you wish to take advantage of this fantastic offer.

How good is it?

As an example, a borrower with a remaining mortgage of £100,000 and 12 years left to run, would expect to pay just £807pm.

Am I eligible for the 2.39% 10 year fixed mortgage product?

In order to be accepted you should expect to:

  • Have a lending requirements of no more than half the value of your property
  • Have a clean credit history
  • Be under 65 years of age
  • seeking borrowing against your main home only

Considerations when taking a 10 year fixed rate mortgage products

10 year fixed-rate mortgage products will carry early redemption penalties are not suitable for people who may expect to sell up or move within the product period.

Since the lender is guaranteeing payment rate for 10 years the rate available is not as generous as on shorter term fixed rate mortgage products. Borrowers seeking more competitive rates willing to take slightly more risk may consider two, three, or five-year fixed rates.

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