Nationwide 5 year fixed rate mortgage 3.39%

| August 3, 2012

Nationwide beats the rest at 3.39% 5 year fixed

Contact A Mortgage NowThe heat has really been on the 5 year fixed rate mortgage market these last two weeks with Woolwich, Abbey, and now Nationwide Building Society all looking to win the beauty contest.

First Woolwich appeared with a 3.99% which was 1% under the average 5 year fixed mortgage rates of a couple of months ago. then Abbey entered the arena with a 3.89% rate. Now Nationwide Building Society have beaten them both with a rate of just 3.39%.

5 years may be seem a long term to have your mortgage rate fixed but at just 3.39% this must be the most competitive medium term fixed mortgage rate ever – certainly at 70% loan to value.

The Nationwide Building Society 3.39% 5 year fixed rate mortgage is available now.

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