Mortgage Calculator

How much can you borrow

The most important calculation for our visitors seems to be ‘how much can I borrow’. This figure is based on your income and outgoings and will vary from lender to lender. The final mortgage amount available to you will often also be influenced by the ‘credit score’ you get from the lender.

To assist visitors our how much can I borrow page carries a simple online mortgage affordability calculator that allows you to input your income and obtain a guide as to your maximum borrowings.

Please note that this is intended as a guide only, to get you in the ball park. For a more accurate calculation please call our team on 0208 979 9684

Mortgage Quotes

Quotations for regulated mortgage deals are set out in a manner prescribed by the regulator. Your mortgage quotation covers all of the major terms of the product being offered and it is designed to enable you to compare one product with another.

Our how to read a mortgage quote page carries a full explanation and accompanying video which takes you through the design of the regulated mortgage quote and what each section means for you as the borrower.

What is APR?

Your APR or annual percentage rate is stated in all formal mortgage quotations, but what does APR mean? and what does it mean for you?

Our what is APR page outlines how APR or ‘annual percentage rate’ is calculated, and how it may affect your borrowing decision.